Dailies: February 25, 2013

We’re coming at you a day late, but we were so busy yesterday (and having so much fun) that we didn’t get a chance to sit down and write this. Our day started out with a trip down to Cremona School where we prepared the films to be screened that evening, and talked with one of the social studies classes about our project and what we’ve learned about cultural identity on our trip thus far.

After our work at the school, Ryder and I made the long drive up to Red Deer for a follow up appointment for my broken radius at the hospital there. I got another set of x-rays and Red Deer-20130225-00125then talked with my doctor. He said that while normally they wait another week to pull the pins out, since I was leaving for Saskatchewan this week and since my bone has been healing pretty well he decided they could take them out right then.  First, a nurse took this machine that is part saw, part vacuum, and all really loud, and cut off my cast. She did a great job and I was never uncomfortable, let alone in pain — but the experience of someone taking a machine like that so close to your arm is definitely overwhelming. Once the cast was off, and she had removed my bandages, the nurse said that my pins looked “beautiful”.  Then the doctor came over and using something that looks like a cross between scissors and pliers pulled all four pins out of my arm.  The first one was the easiest, the last was the most difficult for him to remove and hurt the most.  The pain subsided relatively quickly, and I got a new cast.  Because of the pin removal, my arm had some increased swelling that day, but holding my arm above my head and wiggling my fingers (as I was instructed) seemed to help a lot. Once we finished at the hospital, we quickly scarfed down lunch and hurried back to Cremona School to prepare for the screening.

A snowstorm blew in while we were in the hospital, so we had to get out of Red Deer pretty quickly. Even so, the roads were a little bit slick, so we didn’t get back to Cremona until about 4pm. Their performance space is an amphitheatre-style arrangement, with sitting ledges up one wall. We got in there and set the projector up on the top ledge aimed at a curtain on the opposing wall. Meanwhile, however, a medical emergency in the village had necessitated the arrival of a STARS helicopter ambulance in the school parking lot. Although she did not sustain a life-threatening injury, the victim was a student at the Cremona School and everyone was quite shaken up as a result. It took a bit longer than we had planned, then, to get ourselves all put together for the screening.

Some students had popped lots of popcorn for us during the last period of the day, and we got a big water cooler set up too. People started to file in around 6:45 past the “Cremona Alphabet” that the second grade class had made for us (we’ll put pictures up…it’s really really cute). By the time 7pm rolled around, we had a crowd of over sixty people! Incredible turnout!

The evening started with a reel of films that we brought with us from Pender Harbour, which was cool to show as it’s our first time being able to play films from another community. It will be interesting to see how that plays out as we get more and more different groups of films. We moved on to the Cremona films thereafter. These films looked pretty darn good considering the projector was fairly far from the screen, which can make the images somewhat dark. We also broadcast the screening for the first time ever on our YouTube channel and we’re working towards getting that process to work with a better camera–still, we understand that people were able to tune in and watch!

The best partzflagalberta of the screening was the talkback afterwards. Sometimes we have bad days talking to people about the project, and that’s just part of the deal–you can’t be on all the time. But I thought the discussion we had with the audience was very fruitful and flowed and opened our eyes to some elements of the project that we hadn’t really considered before. And though we had intended to take the stage to thank all of the people in Cremona who have helped us so much, we ended up getting a loud round of applause and were even presented with our own Alberta flag!

We went out for a drink afterwards with a few folks from the screening and enjoyed a very convivial atmosphere. We have made some excellent friends here, and though we’re excited to move on into Saskatchewan, we’ll miss everyone very much. There are still a few loose ends to wrap up, however, so we won’t be departing until Thursday.



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