Dailies: February 22, 2013

Developing - Ryder & Cody     Ryder and I were back at Cremona School again this morning. First, we worked with one of the students from the Digital Media class while he edited a video that we assisted him and his cohorts in shooting last week.  After that we had a day filled with processing. In the morning, Karel, one of our participants who has kindly hosted us and our bus on his property, came down to the school and we helped him develop the 50ft cartridge he shot. We went down to the Little Somethin’ Somethin’ cafe where Jenny and Colleen kindly treated us to lunch and we hung out there for a chat with a few people who came in. Cody Jensen got off work early, so he came by to process his cartridge, which sounds really cool–he unearthed a bunch of his family’s old standard 8mm films of farm life from the sixties and rephotographed some of that along with live footage of him performing the same activities. It went so well, and we had so much fun, that Cody also developed two more rolls of film that were shot by local participants who were unable to come down and develop the films themselves.

Cody also brought us a little souvenir from our snowmobiling incident almost three weeks ago. Apparently, this piece of metal is supposed to be completely straight. The broken arm makes a little more sense now.

cummings_calvesAll that darkroom work took up most of the day, but we made sure to pop over to the Cummings’ place because their cow had just given birth to twins and we were quite interested. The younger of the two calves seemed to have weak back legs, though it hadn’t even been cleaned off by its mother yet so that might have been a matter of getting used to them. The Cummings are happy that both calves seem to be bulls!



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