Dailies: February 21, 2013

We had set aside today for some paper crunching and other vaguely annoying work. If you want to be your own boss, you also have to be your own accountant, secretary, and PR rep. The glamour of film workshops entails many hours of emailing as I’m sure everyone who has listened to us moan for any period of time can attest, so I’ll try not to bore you with how unfulfilling it often is. Although, I suppose it’s not that it is unfulfilling so much as it is violently mercurial. Good emails send you over the moon; bad or ambivalent ones send you significantly under it. Alexandra is better at reining this in than I am…maybe I’ll take this year to get a grip on myself.

Last night, when we were meeting with the Wild Pink Yonder committee, we learned that the son of one of the women involved is currently completing his final year of his BFA in New Media at the University of Lethbridge, that he is very interested in film, and that he was in town for the university reading break. We said we’d love to meet him, so he called us and we planned to have coffee at the Cremona Hotel around 1pm.

Jeremy is a very friendly and smart guy, and we talked to him about film for a long time. We talked about Canadian Frame(lines), of course, but also about our other projects and things we got out of university that we know but haven’t had the chance to make use of yet. He is interested in writing, so that occupied most of our conversation, but we also discussed how degrees are valuable, how you can leverage networking opportunities, and how you need to keep your momentum. It felt good to get all of that stuff back out there, and it was also neat to find a guy like Jeremy who really wanted to go to SAIT to become a technician but ended up elsewhere and with a deeply creative ambition such as writing.

We had moved our dinner plans with Alan and Lita Reid from Tuesday night to tonight, so we headed over to their place around 6. Alan and Lita live just north of Cremona on Highway 22, and their house is at the end of a road populated entirely by other Reids and whose intersection at the highway is graced by a giant white sign: “REID: 100 Year Farm 1903-2003.” And apparently, it’s still going.

Alan and Lita are fantastic people, very warm and friendly. We met Alan at our info session and he immediately impressed us with his depth of knowledge about the community and his storyteller’s knack. The Cremona Museum in the basement of the Gold and Silver 5-0 club is mostly his doing, as are the stained glass windows that grace the Congregational Church. We first met Lita at that church, but shortly thereafter we were invited to a meeting of the local women’s discussion group taking place at the Reid house. Not only was Lita hosting a dozen guests that day, but she had also prepared a presentation on the impact of the sulfur drying plant just up the road (for which we were unfortunately unable to stay). The two of them insisted on having us over for dinner while we were still in town, and we gladly accepted.

Dinner, of course, was fantastic…our culinary powers in the bus cannot contend with a grandmother’s touch. But after we ate, we went into the living room where the four of us talked for a good three hours about all manner of things: the tornado that came through in 1962, the evolution of education in Cremona and Water Valley, our consumer society, travel in almost every imaginable capacity, and much more (I recorded it; when we were leaving, they asked “How do you hope to get through it all?”). Lita was knitting caps for the premature babies at the hospital all while we were conversing. When we got up to leave after 10 o’clock, it still seemed early.

Tomorrow, we’re back to processing. Four days now until the screening!



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