Dailies: February 19, 2013

We started off today by processing another roll of film with one of our participants.  Local high school student Andrea Anderson processed the roll of film she and her mother Joanna shot. Super8 CartridgeThe processing went relatively smoothly, considering the first couple centimeters of the film broke off as we were pulling it out of the cartridge. We ended up having to break the cartridge casing with a hammer in the dark to get the film out, but that gave us a good excuse to show off the inside of a super 8mm cartridge (pictured at left). After processing with Andrea, we touched base with Mayor Quartermain from St. Stephen, New Brunswick about the Canadian Frame(lines) project coming to that community in April.  We are working with both the town council and the University of St. Stephen to bring our program there. After that conversation and resulting emails, I processed 2 of our own personal rolls of film (all the way from Paris!) while Alexandra did some emailing and paperwork.

After we wrapped that up around 1:30, we did some grocery shopping at the KC Foods on Railway Avenue, where I repeatedly forgot to get things and had to keep going back into the store. We made beans, rice, and sausages for lunch, and then tried to get some editing done for the intro video. Since the weather’s gone bad we haven’t been able to get all the shots for it so I’ve been dragging my feet a bit. Processing just seems so much more productive…

Highlights of yesterday also included laundry, cats, a riveting (RIVETING!) Canucks game, and talking to dads. Tomorrow is more processing, and then dinner with the Wild Pink Yonder folks. Stay tuned!



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