Dailies: February 18, 2013

It’s been another busy day here at Canadian Frame(lines).  The temperature has dropped a few degrees since yesterday, and a bit of a wind has kicked up. Ryder and I got up this Chad Fikemorning and met with Chad Fike, the 2012 World Champion Outrider. Chad took us to feed his chuck wagon horses that are less than ten minutes outside of Cremona. We were able to talk with him about different types of horses, chuck wagon races, and what exactly it takes to be an outrider as a member of the chuck wagon team. It’s nice that we’ve been able to spend so much time here…we’ve really gotten to notice the difference between different horses. These are thoroughbreds, excellent runners and former racers, but not all that fun to ride. Chad has been outriding since he was 17, and since winning the World Champion title, he wants to move on to driving a wagon. “I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to with outriding,” he said. “It’s time to move on.”

Mountain View County-20130218-00769After a little bit of down time, we went off to have lunch with Alice Laine and her two sons, Steven and Brandon. After a delicious meal we made a quick jaunt off to Bergen to see the Bergen Rocks. The Bergen Rocks are actually a collection of sculptures created as part of the annual Bergen Sculpture Symposium. Even covered in snow, the sculptures were impressive, even more so because of the bizarre context of a sculpture garden so far out in the country. We’d love to come back in the summer to see some new ones being made!

Then we had to book it to the school for our first processing session. Linda, Ken, and Betty were first, and it took Ryder a while to figure out how to turn on the lights in the school (it is the Family Day holiday in Alberta so no one was around). We got settled in and did the first roll, which turned out IMG-20130218-00097pretty well. Jennie was up next, and we processed her roll–apparently she got a shot of a moose jumping a fence that we can’t wait to see. After Jennie we ran out to the Coyote Grill to pick up a quick lunch/dinner, where we had a good chat with the town newbies who work there (both of the people we recognize have been in town for under two weeks, so we seem like locals). Finally, we processed with Clarke and got the roll that he shot with Dexter and Joanna of Doug Borton’s land. A good day and three very distinctive films. Cody texted us after to say that he had finished his whole film in 12 hours and he was bringing the camera back to us. Might allow us to squeeze in another participant!

Now we’re back home getting ready to do it all again tomorrow.



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