Dailies: February 15, 2013

Today the Canadian Frame(lines) team had a varied day. Alexandra’s arm has been bothering her, so they had a slow start to the morning. Ryder is used to Alexandra getting up first, so if she’s still in bed, he assumes it must be the middle of the night. They try to get up before The Current comes on CBC Radio 1 at 8:30, but it doesn’t always pan out. Ryder had to take a camera down to one of the participants at the Cremona School, so he left around 9:30. The sun was shining and it was warming up but the ice was still solid. The morning thereafter was spent mostly on phone calls and paperwork, and they finally left around 2:30 to pick up a camera from Linda’s Hair salon on Railway Avenue. They stopped to shoot the intro to the first Cremona Road Report first. By this time, there was a deluge of melt water running down the driveway and deep puddles where sheets of ice had been just a few hours before. It was at least 8 degrees if not warmer!

After picking up the camera from Linda’s Hair, Alexandra and Ryder headed back over to the school to meet up with their good friend and guide Gail Cummings. She and her husband had generously agreed to lend out their son’s car while he was away working, so the three went out to the Cummings house to pick it up. They stopped on the way to get Gail’s horses a permit for transport from the local brand inspector, Albert Boyd. Alexandra and Ryder christthekingare hoping to be able to shadow Albert one of these days but are waiting for the higher-ups to green light it. They then left for Water Valley where Gail showed them the site for the Water Valley Olympics on Sunday (next to an old caboose) and they stopped for Ryder to get a shot of the old Catholic church.

At the Cummings house, Gail showed Alexandra and Ryder their horses, including the ones her daughter Shelby uses for trick riding. They are trying to get the horses all trained to stand on a rotating pedestal while Shelby stands on them holding a Canadian flag during the playing of the national anthem at rodeos. Some of the horses were more keen on this than others; Willard is the best at it but he doesn’t really like getting up, Steele is pretty shy, and Montana can manage it but he was more intent on the food smells emanating from Ryder’s pockets. We also got to meet Molly the donkey and a pregnant cow. Molly is also pregnant but less so. Apparently people keep donkeys around because they chase off and/or stomp on coyotes–Shelby once saw Molly chase a badger all around their fields. Donkeys are also good company for the horses, who need lots of reassurance. Gail’s husband Wes came home and started feeding the horses and Shelby was close behind. Gail and Shelby were going for a ride to keep the horses in shapealexhorsesunset for next month’s rodeo but before they left, they insisted that we climb on Willard to try a bit of riding. Ryder got on and it was okay, so Gail suggested they try to get on the pedestal. As the sun set, both Ryder and Alexandra were able to take a turn (literally) with Willard on the spinning pedestal!

Everyone was headed over to the arena to watch Shelby and the rest of the Cremona women’s hockey team play a team from Bowden, so Ryder and Alexandra decided to swing by Trail’s End Pizza in Water Valley to redeem their gift certificate on a couple of very delicious pizzas. They sat with Gail at the rink and watched the bustle below…Bowden was short Women's Hockeya few players so they had to borrow them from Cremona. Usually Bowden is a very aggressive team but since their ranks were mixed the play was fairly mild. There was no scoreboard operator and it wasn’t apparent who won…it didn’t matter, really. Afterwards, the players said they looked forward to meeting in Bowden next time.

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