Dailies: August 5, 2013

NeilBursey_StillToday was the official opening of Come Home Year, but we began working on our documentary on Sunday. While the weather alternated between sunny and hot, and raining with a cool breeze. We biked around the town and put up flyers with information about our documentary that also had our contact information if people were interested in getting in touch. We picked up a few groceries and collected a bit of b-roll (supplemental or alternate footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary.) In the evening we were fortunate to sit down with Neil Bursey, a local man who has lived in Baie Verte for 50 years, worked at the Asbestos mine, and been involved in many community organizations. We had a great time chatting with Neil and his wife Silvia, it helps a lot to to have people who are so willing to talk and aren’t too camera shy!

Baie Verte, NewfoundlandThis morning we visited our contact Emily at the College of the North Atlantic. She gave us a tour and we figured out which space would work best for our workshop. She also introduced us to many of the people working at the college, although their numbers were diminished this week as many people had taken time off to enjoy the Come Home Year festivities. In the morning we also stopped by the youth centre and spoked with Laurie – who runs the centre – and some local young people who were helping sign people up for some of the youth events happening this week.

The first official event on the Come Home Year schedule was the Meet & Greet at the local K-12 school. In the gym people milled around, registering and buying tickets for certain events, looking at old school photos and catching up with people they haven’t seen in years.  While this was going on we were able to talk with a number of people about their experiences coming home and having people coming.

Following a quick dinner break we headed over to the local ‘stadium’ to watch the opening ceremonies. Like at the Meet & Greet, things were slow to get started as people reconnected with old friends and family around the entrance of the Tommy Ricket’s Arena. The ceremony started with an honour guard of local veterans, RCMP officers, and local volunteer firefighter, as well as the singing of O Canada. After words from the mayor and the local MHA, the oldest couple in Baie Verte came out to cut the cake. There was then a singing of Ode to Newfoundland, the official anthem of the province, followed by the removal of the honour guard, and a performance by a dance troupe.

The events continue tomorrow and we’re hoping to get a few more interviews with locals and visitors.



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