Dailies: April 18, 2013

I don’t think we did a daily for the 17th, so I guess I will start out talking about that day! Probably the biggest part of Wednesday was going up to the middle school to see the BTV supervisor teacher Scott Legge about our presentation next week. The kids are extremely keen, and other entities are starting to take notice. But for the meantime, they don’t often get degreed filmmakers wandering through town so we’re happy to provide any expertise that will help with their shows. We’ll be heading in next Wednesday.

And then, of course, we were invited out to celebrate our friend Charis’s 21st birthday. In a town where many of the amenities are a shorter walk if you cross into the U.S., a 21st birthday is celebrated with a trip down south. There is a bar there called Schooners that offers a good selection of affordably priced beers. So we pulled out our passports and emptied our pockets of EVERYTHING else.

For me, it was the first time that I had ever crossed an international border on foot, so standing in two countries at once was kind of a neat experience. The Ferry Point Bridge that crosses the St. Croix River is the site of one of those demarcation plaques with a bold line down the middle sandwiched between the words “Canada” and “United States of America.” Walking across the bridge, one also encounters a sign that reads “Now Entering Eastern Time Zone”, which as I’ve mentioned before, we find very strange. In any case, it was a fun night out and nothing dramatic happened on the way back “Are you all from the university? Are you carrying anything back?” Yep, and nope. “Okay, go ahead.”

This morning began a little slowly but the sun was shining so we cleaned for a bit and then headed over to the school to do a few interviews. Janell, one of the students we’ve become friends with, was presenting her thesis this afternoon and we were very happy to attend that. Her monumental volume of writing is on the subject of remembering as a necessary component of forgiveness–I found that serendipitous because I am writing an article about the necessity of forgiveness in the wake of the Boston marathon bombing that will be published tomorrow. We have benefitted very much from being in this environment.

Jasper, one of our youngest participants, took out a camera tonight so we are hoping that the weather reports are wrong about this weekend because I would love for them to have sun to bring their cool ideas to fruition.

Tomorrow it is back to Calais because they have a lamp that I need that is not sold in St. Stephen. Ironically, the lamp is made in Canada.



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