Dailies: April 15, 2013

Monday! It’s back to work week again.  Hard to believe that we’ve been here for over a week. The days feel full and lengthy but the weeks seem to fly by — the middle of April already! This morning we got in touch with a college in Baie Verte, NFL to set up locations for our workshop in August.  We also contacted a few other communities to fill up our calendar, hopefully we’ll have most of our schedule filled out this week or next. Today we also started to schedule interviews and filming times for the recruitment video we are working on.

In the early evening we went over to the home of a couple we met while working here in St. Stephen. They prepared an amazing dinner for us — Stuffed Peppers (my favourite!!!) and we talked for a long time about almost everything under the sun.  After our dinner, we stopped over to visit a few of the students from St. Stephen’s University who were celebrating one of their classmate’s birthdays, and the fact that the term is now done.

It has been a really interesting time to be here in this community, lots of action and changes. I guess that is what spring is all about.



One Response to “Dailies: April 15, 2013

  • I so enjoy reading your “dailies” .. Reading your latest comment this morning brought tears to my eyes. Your words bring the people across the country to life, and i feel so envious, wishing i was there too! What a wonderful experience you two are having. Thank you for sharing with us. <3

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