Dailies: April 13-14, 2013

Saturday was a big day for us! It was the filmmaking workshop for the community of St. Stephen. We had a small group of very eager participants with open minds and fantastic questions. While this was our longest workshop in terms of time, it seemed to fly by. We’re very excited to see what this group of participants come up with. The other notable parts of Saturday revolved around food (a common theme for me). For lunch, Katie introduced us to some amazing Samosas that are sold in town but made in St. John. After the success of our workshop, Ryder and I decided we deserved a celebratory dinner so, we went to a nearby Bistro and had a great dinner, enhanced by a local beer called Picaroons – more on that at a latter date. We followed our dinner with a brownie and coffees. Ryder had a cappucino and I had a cafe au lait. The menu described it as a “latte in a bowl”, I assumed this was some clever commentary on the use of low, wide glasses, but no. It was ACTUALLY SERVED IN A BOWL.

Sunday was a work-away-day. It was quiet and cloudy and lightly rainy, the perfect day to stay indoors. We took the time to develop a couple of projects that we’re working on locally. One, where we are partnered with a middle school’s video production program where we hope to enhance some of the kid’s skills and get them thinking like filmmakers. The other is a promotional video for St. Stephen’s University.

We also took a jaunt to the grocery store to get our supplies for the week. It was a long walk, and we were weighed down (mostly with cans of beans), but the fresh, post-rain air was perfect for a walk. Honestly, it’s just nice not to be trudging through snow.



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