Dailies: April 10, 2013

This morning took a pretty good running jump at being terrific because Alexandra had made pancakes before I even got out of bed. And I should point out that we are enjoying pancakes these days with homemade honey from some very kind folks in Saskatchewan, so it’s an extra boost. Here in New Brunswick we are surrounded by maple trees that people actually tap and allow to run out into milk jugs. The state of one’s maples is common dinner table conversation around these parts: “Oh, how are Bill’s trees? We ran out last week.” It has been a long, cold winter, which, unlike everything else harvested, is good for maple syrup production. I am really hoping that someone will show us how to make syrup while we are here, because along with my new found passion for beekeeping and honeymaking I would love to make my own pancake juice. Put it out there, and ye shall receive it. I think someone famous said that, right?

The morning’s task was in putting our workshop lesson plans up to a microscope. The first lesson plans were put out in the panic of getting the project on the road, and little has changed since: they are still the same typo-ridden Powerpoint slides we used in Pender Harbour. But now that we’ve had a little time to settle in it has become apparent that this presentation is a bit…uninspired. This sentiment was corroborated by one of our participants in Gravelbourg, who wished for something a bit more hands on.

I’m not sure how much more hands on we can get for the workshop (we’ll try), but we can break it up and make the slides a little less wordy. So we played with moving information around for most of the morning. We probably won’t find a perfect solution–condensing 9 years of collective postsecondary education into 6 hours is trying at best–but it’s something we’ll continue to look into.

Then we had an engagement to speak to a group of students at St. Stephen Middle School who are all involved in their BTV television production program. The general interest show they produce is on its 100th episode as we speak! We wanted to reach out to them to involve them in the Canadian Frame(lines) project but also to see if our experience could be useful in any way. They have some questions about technical things as well as stylistic things: “What causes vibratey lines on some clothing? How should we ask questions in an interview?” We’ll be working with instructor Scott Legge to get in there and help them answer their questions over the next week or two. They even did a little interview with us that we will link to as soon as it’s out!

That’s all for today. Info session is tomorrow night!



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