Canadian Identity Thoughts: Natasha Broad

Natasha Broad, a.k.a. Maus Hunt, is a Vancouver-based artist working primarily with drawing and collage. She is a part of the Defining Moments project, which is aimed at engaging young people across the country to express their thoughts on our national identity. These are her pieces and the statement that accompanies them.

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“Grus Americana” by Natasha Broad

The Whooping crane has been a long standing symbol of Canadian identity in terms of environmental conservation, and how much we are capable, as a nation, in our abilities to protect nature when it is most needed. These two pieces are relevant to current environmental issues within Canada today. The home of the Whooping crane is currently threatened by the Oil sands and as a Canadian I feel the need to preserve our land. As an artist, I can only do that by visually reaching out to people in hopes that they too understand the importance of our heritage found in our beautiful forests and pristine mountains, and what we need to do to protect that. I have used graphite pencil to render the drawings which are 5X7 feet and have included collaged map elements to map the migration routes of these birds across Canada towards America.


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