Dailies: October 26, 2013

Happy Saturday from Winterpeg, Manisnowba!

Just kidding. It’s not snowing. And today was actually pretty nice. But we are in Winnipeg, and I wanted to have an opportunity to greet you like that, so I did it. It has snowed already, though, and a few days ago we were joking about “Winterpeg” with a woman in Carman. “Well,” she said with mock seriousness, “they do call it Manisnowba.” We are told by the locals, though, that this has been an unseasonably cold few weeks for this time of year. Some people say it’s supposed to get warmer next week, and some people say it’s going to snow again. It’s sort of a glass half full, glass half empty thing. But they do have this crazy weather phenomenon called “the lake effect.” Essentially, when extremely cold wind passes over the relative warmth and humidity of a lake at this time of year, it creates long ribbons of snow that can pound the lee side of the lake. A community on the lake shore might then have 25 centimetres, then, while a community 5km away would have only a dusting. Happily, Carman is not near any lakes so we have not had to deal with that.

Our eleventh workshop was held today, and for the first time in several months, we did not have to hold a secondary workshop to make it available to more people! We don’t mind holding more workshops, of course, but since we are working in Manitoba on a very tight schedule, it is nice to get moving right away. It looks like we’ll have at least seven projects here, further validating our theory that people are more available to participate in community projects when the weather is not so nice. But it was a very nice day, full of lively discussion, which is something we really appreciate. The first three cameras are out as we speak, and next weekend we are going to be doing a special workshop with some animation students from the local high school.

In other news, our fundraiser is very close to over! We’re thrilled to report that as we speak, we have received over $10k in donations and it looks very likely that we will be able to finish the project in fine form. That said, we still have about $800 to go and we will lose a big chunk of cash if we don’t make the goal, so we could use help now more than ever. Just three more days and we’ll get to stop pestering you, which will be a nice break for everyone, I think :) But rest assured that our persistence stems simply from our devotion to our participants and their devotion to our project. To donate or otherwise get involved, you can click this entire sentence, which is a link.

Alexandra’s second cousin Sandi and her husband Rob loaned us an old car of theirs, so we are a little bit mobile now. Perhaps we’ll get to show you a bit more of the countryside while we’re here. I’ve already seen two of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a long time since we’ve been in Carman.



Dailies: October 22, 2013


Greetings from the eleventh Canadian Frame(lines) community: Carman, Manitoba! This medium-sized town is located about an hour southwest of Winnipeg in the Pembina Valley Region. Its location in the middle of one of Manitoba’s most active growing regions means that Carman’s principal activity is agriculture; in addition to food crops, there are multiple live plant nurseries in the area. Carman has a very prominent arts and culture scene as well, predominantly in music, but the Golden Prairie Arts Council (with whom we are working here) has a large gallery showcasing local visual arts as well. There are still many nice leaves on the trees but a snow squall whipped up this morning–I guess it is getting to be that time of year, after all!

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or receive our emails, you’ve heard that we had some trouble with our bus. As of this moment it seems that the problem is fixed–a coolant hose had sprung a tricky leak, inviting a whole host of other problems. But we were fortunately able to spend a few days with Alexandra great aunt and uncle in Steinbach, Manitoba while I worked to fix the problem. I am never one to count chickens, though, so we’ll keep an eye on the issue and let you know how it is going.

Meanwhile, we have one week remaining in our fundraiser! The response to our time of need has been overwhelming…we have reached 68% ($7,462) of our goal so far. But we have a little ways to go still and we really need to keep the pace up if we are going to get to $10,842 in the next seven days. But the last few days just go to show that we can make amazing progress if we put our minds to it. To make a donation (of ANY amount, it all helps) or to share the campaign with your friends, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/Canadian-Framelines-2013.

In the meantime, we are preparing for a very quick workshop session here in Carman. Our info session is tomorrow evening at the Golden Prairie Arts Council building, and the first seminar is on Saturday. And for the first time ever, we will be holding the screening on a Friday (November 9). Less than two weeks to get it all done! Can we manage it? I’m sure we can. We are looking forward to seeing what this little town has up its sleeves.



Dailies: October 13, 2013

10/12. With last night’s screening here in Stanbridge East, we have officially completed ten communities in the Canadian Frame(lines) project. From here, we move westward to the Manitoba town of Carman, and then thereafter on to British Columbia!

First of all, we must apologize for the radio silence. As I’m sure you’re aware if you follow us, we have been working on a secondary fundraising campaign in order to get the money needed to finalize our project and put on the exhibition. For more information and updates about that, you can visit our Indiegogo page  – as of this writing, we are at nearly half of our goal! Woo! So that’s where we have been spending almost all of our time.

SE_screening_fr3But the screening last night was fantastic. We held it at the Stanbridge East Community Centre, which is the former French school in which we have held all of our workshops and behind which we have been parked for the past couple of weeks. We debated for a while whether to have it in the big main room or in one of the smaller rooms. It was, after all, to be held on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, so we thought attendance might be lower – but on the other hand, we had heard about fairly significant interest in the community. In the end, we opted for he main room. It turned out to be a good thing. By the time everyone was settled for the event, there were over fifty people in the room! A lot of the credit for that has to go to our liaison Pam, who suggested to the town council that they sponsor a bulk mailing to over 300 addresses within the Stanbridge East postal code. So everyone got a little paper flyer, and that helped enormously. You can’t beat getting ’em where they live.

We had six films and all of them were wonderful in their own rights. Since we wanted to expedite the screening, we didn’t have a long talk at the beginning and instead suggested that interested people hang around afterwards and talk to us and have coffee. It was a great social atmosphere, and later some of the people helping us to facilitate it told us that some people came who rarely leave their houses. That’s a wonderful thing to hear.

It’ll be sad when we leave Quebec, as it almost always is when we leave a community. We’ve made some great friends here (many of whom have graciously invited us to dinner, or brought us snacks), and the weather has truly spoiled us. We have a couple of days left before we leave on Tuesday morning, and in that time we have two Thanksgiving dinners to attend. We’ll roll to Manitoba, for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road as we march westward. Happy Thanksgiving, all!



Fundraiser 2013 Days 5 – 7

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. Ryder and I have been doing our best to spread word of the Canadian Frame(lines) Fundraiser far and wide, and we know you have too. On Saturday morning our interview with Sonali Karnick on CBC Montreal’s All in a Weekend aired, you can listen to it online. Over this weekend many of our participants in Stanbridge East have been busy shooting their films so now we are setting up a film developing schedule for any of the participants who are interested in experiencing the darkroom process (on Sunday our first participant processed her film!).


Raised this weekend: $445

Fundraiser to date: $4,350 (40%)

Total remaining: $6,492



NEW: Video Update Retro

Take a trip down memory lane with previously unreleased video from the early days of the Canadian Frame(lines) voyage.

Fundraiser 2013 Day 4

Raised on Day 4: $300

Fundraiser to Date: $3,805

Total Remaining: $7,037

Yesterday was the 4th day of our Indiegogo Fundraiser. This post is coming to you a day late because yesterday we took a little trip into Montreal. In the morning Ryder and our Stanbridge East community liaison Pam were interviewed by Sonali Karnick for CBC Radio’s All in a Weekend (the English language weekend morning show on CBC Montreal.) The interview will air this weekend and we’ll link to an online version once it becomes available. After the interview Pam and her daughter Stella gave us a tour around the city including lunch at Wolinski’s and shopping at Atwater Market. Since we don’t get into cities very often (our bus doesn’t do well on narrow, busy streets) we took the opportunity to visit some friends and family who are currently living in Montreal. The taste of home was great, if a little bitter sweet… I think we might be starting to feel a bit homesick after all these months away.

Our fundraiser is still moving along relatively well; we definitely learned a lot from our previous experience with online crowdfunding, but we’ve still got a long road ahead of us. Ryder and I are both so grateful to everyone who has made the effort to get their donations in during this crucial first week. As you may have already heard from us, we’re trying to reach $5,000 by the end of Monday (as of writing this we’ll need to raise $1,195 more over the next few days to reach that.) On top of helping us, you can also get yourself some great perks which I will now list:

Perks available to people AROUND THE WORLD:

For $10 or more

Canadian Frame(lines) Super8 Digital Download – includes all the films made as a part of our project

For $25 or more

How to be a Super8 Filmmaker Digital Download Course -Videos + Study/Reference Guide ($50 Value)

For $50 or more

Limited Edition Signed DVD of Come Home (only 50 available) to learn about the Come Home feature documentary, visit our website!

For $1,500 or more

2 Week Installation of Canadian Frame(lines) in your community (ONLY 1 REMAINING)

Perks available to those in or able to travel to Vancouver:

For $50 or more

2 Tickets to the PREVIEW NIGHT of the inaugural Canadian Frame(lines) gallery exhibit – experience the project before it is open to the public AND Canadian Frame(lines) Super8 Digital Download – includes all the films made as a part of our project

For $100 or more

2 Tickets to Come Home Red Carpet Private Preview Screening – includes reserved seating (only 25 pairs available)

For $250 or more

Private, artist guided tour for you and a guest of the Canadian Frame(lines) initial exhibition in Vancouver, Canada BEFORE it is open to the public. Includes a coffee date with the artists. (ONLY 1 REMAINING)

For $500 or more*

1. 4 tickets to Come Home Private Preview Screening as SPECIAL GUESTS OF HONOR – includes EXTRA SPECIAL reserved seating at the screening and dinner with the filmmakers after the screening

2. 4 tickets to Come Home Private Preview Screening as SPECIAL GUESTS OF HONOR  includes reserved seating at the screening + a private, 2-day super8 filmmaking workshop for 4 taught by the filmmakers (includes all materials/supplies)

*NOTE: There is only one of each of the $500 perks available



Fundraiser 2013 Day 3

This evening we had a fantastic turnout to our 2nd workshop in the town of Stanbridge East, QC. We are really fortunate that a couple of the participants had their own working super8 cameras because with all this interest we might have had a hard time keeping up! Probably the coolest thing about this workshop is that the local museum archivist Judy allowed us to borrow some Daguerreotype, Tintype, & Ambrotype photographs from the 1840s-60s.  They are beautiful. I think it added a lot to our presentation for people to see what these early photographs (printed on metal!) look like in real life as opposed to professionally scanned archival images we use as a part of our powerpoint.

Stanbridge East-20131002-00468

Stanbridge East-20131002-00469

Stanbridge East-20131002-00470

Stanbridge East-20131002-00471


Raised Today: $145

Fundraiser to Date: $3,505 (32% of our goal)

Total Remaining: $7,337

Since our fundraiser has been off to a good start we decided to challenge ourselves (and all of you) to reach $5,000 by Monday. If we can do that we will have raised nearly 1/2 our goal during our first week! If you are thinking “But I want to wait until closer to the end of the fundraiser to push you guys ‘over the edge’…” a word of caution. As nice of a sentiment as that is, seeing the donations of others (aka peer pressure) is one of the strongest forces that can encourage someone thinking about donating to actually take the last step and pledge money. Also, if not very many people have donated, it is easy for someone unfamiliar with Canadian Frame(lines) to think that not many people support the idea of the project – AND if no one else supports it, Why should I?! So even if you can only donate a couple of dollars your donation works twofold: it helps push us closer to our fundraising goal AND it encourages other people to donate. Everyone wants to be a part of a winning campaign; help show the world that Canadian Frame(lines) is a winner by making a small donation and encouraging your friends to do the same.




Fundraiser 2013 Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of our 30-day-long Indiegogo Crowdfunding effort. We’ve had a pretty successful couple of days but we need to make sure we keep the momentum so that we reach our funding goal AND spread the word of this project far and wide. We’ve had a couple of larger donations, which we are obviously really thankful for, but what we are really hoping for is a lot of smaller donations. This might seem like a funny thing to want (I mean, money is money so a couple big donations or lots of small ones, what does it matter?!) Crowdfunding is about money, of course, but it is also about building a community around your project. Over the course of the last year or so, Ryder and I have engaged with many people all around the country from many different backgrounds and lifestyles essentially building a community around our project (hint: YOU are our community). Now we want to grow that community and use the Canadian Frame(lines) project to connect people around the world through images.

Yesterday we spent some time with a local group that runs a small meals on wheels program once a week for locals in need, and last night we gave a small presentation to the Stanbridge East municipal council that briefly explained our project and what we are trying to do in the community.

Here is a short video we put together that features rephotographed super-8 shot by participants in the Canadian Frame(lines) project and a portion of a talk that we gave at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. The audio explains some of the more theoretical elements of Canadian Frame(lines).

Fundraiser 2013 Day 1

Wow! We have really torn it up for the opening day of CANADIAN FRAME(LINES) FUNDRAISER 2013! If every day is like this one, we’ll be done within a week (but don’t worry, we won’t hold up expectations THAT rigorous).

But seriously, a big thank you goes out to our donors today, who have gone above and beyond to ensure that we can keep paying our bills and put on the final exhibition. Deborah Jean, Ian Balzer, Thad Guyer…we couldn’t do it without you. That said, we still have a long way to go and Alexandra and I are committed to buckling down and doing our best to make certain that we bring this thing to fruition.

And we want everyone to know that a successful crowdfunding campaign is made more often on small donations than large ones. If you have a few dollars to give, we gladly and humbly accept them as we would any donation. Even if you are unsure now as to whether or not you can make the full contribution that you would like to but know that you want to do something, feel free to make multiple donations. We are happy to sort out your perks further down the line.

It makes us so happy to bring these programs to communities that have rarely before been part of a national dialogue. With your help we will put all of that hard work on display.

Today was another excellent day in Stanbridge East. We went off to Cowansville in the morning for a doctor’s appointment to get Alexandra checked out…as in every medical establishment we’ve visited on this voyage, the staff of the Brome-Missisquoi Perkins Hospital were friendly, helpful, and skilled. We were out of there in no time, and with a custom health card to boot. On the way back, we took the old gravel road back with Pam to look at the ponds and farms rather than the Walmarts and Tim Hortonses. It was a nice change of pace. We also learned that one of our participants is a descendant of people who came to North America on the Mayflower…deep roots indeed.

This evening we were overjoyed that we could have the company of an old friend from Vancouver, Julia, and her partner Dan. They are now living in Montreal and drove out to have a picnic supper with us by the banks of the mighty Pike River. As we ate, Dan pointed to a large, graceful bird flying over the river: “Blue Heron,” he said. A magnificent specimen, too.

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Hope things are good where you are.



Fundraiser 2013 is a GO!

It’s September 30, 2013, which means today is the day we launch our Indiegogo fundraising campaign! We’ve got a lot of money to raise and only 30 days to do it so we can use all the help we can get. To celebrate the launch of the fundraiser the two of us put together a bit of a kooky launch video that we’ve included below – please share it around to help us spread the word!

If you plan to donate, please do so as early as possible; studies show that crowdfunding campaigns only start to move outside of the fundraisers immediate contact circles once 30% of the total goal has been reached. Since our campaign is only 30 days long, we really need to raise that 30% (or $3,250) THIS WEEK.

Ways you can help that don’t take any money

Share our campaign on Facebook
Share our campaign on Twitter using #fundfilm2013
Like, Comment, Retweet!
Leave a comment on our Indiegogo Campaign Page
Put up these posters around your community
Send an email about our campaign to your friends & family
Write an article about us on your blog (We LOVE interviews!)

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