A Friendly Introduction from Siarrah

Hi there! I’m Siarrah and I’ve been on the Canadian Frame(lines) team for the past couple months now.  I’d like to officially introduce myself to the Canadian Frame(lines) blog readers, but before doing so I’d like to discuss why I became interested in the project and what it means to me.

After meeting Alex & Ryder, I knew I had to assist towards the development of this project.  Canadian Frame(lines) is a creative and hands-on way in which Canadians can answer the question, “what is Canadian identity?” for themselves.  In the process, an almost extinct format (ACTUAL film!!!) will be used for people across Canada to take a hands-on approach to answering the question.  As you can tell, I’m a huge advocate of film and loved that those who have never had the opportunity or unfortunately may not even know what real film is (most of the generation is only familiar with digital) will have the chance to learn and appreciate such a beautiful art form.  Also, don’t you think it would be nice to see and hear real Canadians opinions on Canadian identity?  Generally, the media attempts to tell us who we are, or we can make assumptions based on what we see around us.  Through this project we get a chance to expand our thinking and have a greater understanding of the bigger picture. That is why I joined the team at Canadian Frame(lines) and boy, am I glad! Alex & Ryder have been so kind and helpful! And they have an amazing passion and ambition that you hardly find in anyone.  I have no doubt in their capabilities and the success of the Canadian Frame(lines) project, so I’m just glad to be apart of the process and watch it blossom.

As for myself, I have several titles; I’m a nanny/student/writer/filmmaker/intern and to my friends, I’m informally known as ‘crazy cat lady’ (I have four cats!).  I sound extremely busy, but I still make time for my hardcore movie obsession (I guess you can add cinephile to that list of titles) and cooking.  My two best friends and I are a movie making team consisting of a director, producer and myself, the writer.  After completing school we hope to be working on a few shorts and eventually a feature.  In the past I’ve contributed to my own documentary shorts.  I can never think of adjectives to describe myself, so I generally describe the things I love; film, family & friends, books, music, cats, fashion, a wonderful cause, food, Ryan Gosling.  Hopefully, that helps you understand who I am.  If you’re interested in learning more I have a twitter (twitter.com/siarrahkane), and a blog done in a rant-like format that I only occasionally use because I’m lazy and forgetful (http://coffeeandcrosswords.wordpress.com/) — wonderful plug if I do say so myself.

I appreciate those who have read this insufferably long post (I suppose that’s something else you should know about me, I have a tendency to talk too much…).  And I hope each of you continue to show your support to the Canadian Frame(lines) project, whether that be a subscription to the blog, a retweet, a ‘like’ or ‘share’ on facebook, telling your friends about it or hopefully all of the above.  Have a wonderful day/evening/afternoon, wherever you may be.  Thank you! — SK

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